Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pangea Blog Tour: updates

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July 9: ‘Reflections on the making of Pangea’ at Crawl Space, Bristol, UK. The editors talk about choosing a publisher for Pangea.
July 12: ‘Working with other writers’ at Words in Place, California, USA. Gay Degani and Sarah Hilary discuss themes of support, discovery and feedback.
July 18: ‘How to create a must read short story collection’ at Nokia Connects, worldwide. Feature by Joel Willans talking to editors, Rebecca Lloyd and Indira Chandrasekhar.
July 30: ‘Promoting Pangea’ at Deborah Rickards blog, Bristol, UK. Debs Rickard reports from the launch of Pangea at Blackwell’s.
Aug 9: ‘Sarah Hilary Interview - Pangea Anthology’ at Women Rule Writer, Ireland. Nuala Ni Chonchúir interviews Sarah Hilary about weddings fairs and trailers parks, and the inspiration for her stories.
Aug 19: 'PANGEA blog tour: short stories travelling the globe' at Michelle Elvy’s blog, New Zealand. Clayton Lister's piece about discovering Writewords and being in Pangea.
Aug 20: 'Not Exactly True' at Valerie O’Riordan’s blog, Manchester, UK. Lisa Marie Trump talks about extending her writing from the theatre to the literary space.
Aug 27: ‘Producing an Anthology: Pangea’ at Indira Chandrasekhar’s blog, Mumbai, India. Indira  talks about the editing process, on putting the anthology together, and on Pangea in India. 
Sept 2: 'Pangea author Tara Conklin' at Oonah Joslin’s blog, Northumberland, UK. Tara tells Oonnah how writing has gone from being something private to playing a role in her decision to leave a job in the city.   
Sept 9: 'An Interview with Oonah V. Joslin' at Tara Conklin’s blog, Seattle, USA. Oonah talks to Tara about her story, 'Missie's Summer', a story of loss, and about other things that she is working on.
Sept 16: ‘Cultural writing and inspiration’ at Crawl Space, Bristol UK. Fehmida Zakeer and Liesl Jobson discuss their stories, and about how they view their own work as a sort of homecoming. 
Sept 23: 'An Interview with Joel Willans - Pangea Blog Tour' at Unmitigated Audacity, Southampton, UK. Joel talks to Calum Kerr.
Oct 1: 'Pangea' at Vanessa Gebbie’s blog, Brighton, UK. Vanessa opens the post with a mention of the Bristol launch and Tom Williams talks about working with his 'inner editor'.
Jan 2013: Feature article in ‘The New Writer’ magazine, worldwide

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