Sunday, October 10, 2010

Issue 1, Out of Print

The first issue of Out of Print contains eight exceptional stories, exceptional not only in quality but also in distinctness of content and style.
Featured are Kuzhali Manickavel’s intense and powerful This Is Us And This Is Us Outside, Lucinda Nelson Dhavan’s Elevated that opens the lungs and the spirit, 1962 by Trisha Bora, set in the far north-east of India. A woman goes on a pilgrimage in Mridula Koshy’s A Good Mother. In Ajay Krishnan’s Mr Ganesan’s Grief, we read about a man and his loss. Srinath Perur’s Accidents of Fate describes an encounter on a road in Bangalore. Nighat Gandhi’s Hot-water Bag follows a man from one woman’s house to another’s in Karachi. Mahesh Ramchandani’s parody, The Fartanic Curses, is the final story.

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